CompuTech uses POSSE to cater Business Process Management Solutions projects.

POSSE is a powerful BPM software that automates business processes and enables BPR and ECM to be implemented on both departmental and enterprise levels.

POSSE Technical Features:

As a BPM software, POSSE is configured to meet current and future business needs for agencies at the federal, state/provincial and city level. POSSE uses Client-specific workflow to define the relevant steps and outcomes that should be considered for the business processes. POSSE will also define the types of data objects, entities and attributes that should be noted, and the relationships between these information.Browser-based, mobile, and client-server (smart client) interfaces are seamlessly integrated into a single database, which will apply a consistent set of business rules and manage all related documentation wherever the user is.

Some of the technical features and inbuilt functions within POSSE are:

Application Architecture
Browser-based Deployment
Mobile Deployment
GIS Enabled
Integrated Security
System Integration

A Focused BPM Solution for Government
Power For Business Process Automation

In today’s digital world, citizens, customers and agencies expect more from government services. With limited resources and rising expectations, governments need a focused and powerful solution that delivers results.


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POSSE Business Benefits

  • G2G / G2B / G2C integration
  • Enterprise architecture and interoperability
  • Data consolidation and consistency
  • Real-time status tracking and dashboard reporting
  • Easily deployed, maintained and upgraded
  • Expandable, flexible, adaptable, scaleable = ROI
  • MOTS software, with no changes to source code

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